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24 March 2014 @ 12:34 am
a day in the life of...  
so basically here's that. My friend made a little "a day in the life of" video of herself and showed it to me and she was hoping I'd do one too and I thought why the hell not. I am not the best in front of cameras btw because I get shy and everything and I never know what to say so I'm just rambling stupid stuff. I could have a script and I would fuck it up. Literally. So It's just a bunch of nonsense but I thought I might as well post it here on LJ since I kinda owe you one for not updating you enough about my life. Most of you don't even know that by now I found a place and all that stuff since the last entry was about me having to move out in a couple of weeks and yeah. Basically I got myself a place a bit more than two weeks ago and so far I'm enjoying my new life.

Warning: The video is 15 minutes long so think first if you wanna waste 15 minutes of your life watching this vid or not haha ;)

Sorry if it's too silent at some points of the video. My phone is proper crap sigh. Maybe use headphones. Also try to watch full screen since I didn't think it through to use my phone the other way around haha #fail


here's the 5 minutes Store Tour I had to cut in the video. You can watch that as well if you want. You can skip to 2:40 if you want because that's most of the part that's in the main video.


Just to add to remember...it was Saturday the 22nd of February.

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no, i'm not lol