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18 September 2010 @ 03:30 pm
Jessica/Hoyt True Blood Season Finale review  
Well I'm on Team Fangtasia over at definitely_dead and we have to write an at least 400 words preview on the Season Finale. It can be about the whole finale or we can pick out a part and talk about that. So since I am more then obsessed with Jessica & Hoyt I picked their scenes to talk about and look, I even managed to write over 1000 words XD

So this entry is mainly for definitely_dead but everyone is welcome to read. I'm not a good writer myself so don't expect something totally awesome. Also the not having English as a main language is making it hard sometimes to express feelings or something like that.

My Jessica & Hoyt preview for the season finale

First I have to say that I am a Jessica/Hoyt shipper since they first met in episode 2x03 and I've been a fan of them ever since. With each episode more and more. I appreciate both the characters aswell. They're one of my fave characters on the show. After seeing the Season finale I have to say that I have an even bigger crush on Hoyt Fortenberry then I already had. Well not only Hoyt...also Jim Parrack himself. I even checked out his guest appearance in Supernatural and even there I had a crush on him XD

Hoyt drives up to his work place and sees his mom and Summer and some other dude. Just that appearance when he sat in the car....one word...hot XD (I'm too fangirly right now. You have to excuse me)
So he gets out of the car to face "evil". I already was pretty annoyed with that because I have seen part of that scene in a sneak peek already. Hoyt's mom annoys me since the time she first met Jessica and I can't stand her at all. I have bad bad evil thoughts when it comes to her so don't tell Hoyt XD Summer annoys me too but not so much like Momma. Even Hoyt already mentioned how he hates her (Summer). She is crazy but I don't really blame her. She's young and she got brainwashed by Momma Fortenberry anyways so now she just teams up with her without really knowing what the hell she's doing. And this other dude? Well he's just a dude. He got brainwashed too XD

Momma Fortenberry gets shocked by the fact that Hoyt got bitten and acts all dramatically. GET OVER IT MOMMA! Hoyt still staying cool and asks what the hell they're doing here so Maxine introduces that other dude who most probably has other business to do then just listening to all that crap. Hoyt is still in his WTF moment and when he gets asked to sit down he tries to get out of all and wants to go to work but he gets telled that his folks really love him and that they wanna tell him something. Well listen folk, if you love Hoyt then let him do what he wants and leave him alone. He wont listen to you anyways.

"Sit down, Hoyt!" *slaps her* Have you seen how Summer looked at her? No wonder she works with her...I don't think it's pretty when Momma Fortenberry gets mad so you have to play along...and so does Hoyt. He's beeing too sweet again because I myself would have just walked away....

So Summer wants to get over with all of it and so she starts with reading what she wrote down on a paper. I actually found it cute what she wrote down but then she comes with all that crap that he chose the dark side and that Jessica just wants his blood and blah blah. Well hello!! Mind your own business?

And then she starts crying and I made the exact same face as Hoyt.

So, now Momma's turn. That's gonna be so exciting *rolleyes*

Hoyt looks up to the sky to pray to God that this shit is over soon. Who blames him.

Wow, a note pad...impressive...and your serious face....

Yes Hoyt, again, I did the same face as you did. We both get along well here, don't we...

Momma starts reading. Her tone changes to mad and she talks about concequences and all that crap. Well momma, how old is Hoyt? 12?!?! Get over the fact that Hoyt is a grown up man and he can choose his own way of life. Jesus Christ how can she make me so mad? I boil inside when I go through this scene again...

Hoyt's reaction was priceless and it imediately changed my mood again. He rocks my socks with his coolness.

Hoyt: Yeah, like what?
Maxine: Like I wont let you back in my house.

Wow, momma, who gives a damn?

Maxine: I am your mother!


I'm boiling inside again...

This other dude wants to get in between to try to settle the argument but then HOYT IS ON THE ROLL!! \o/

Hoyt at his best! He stands up to his folks and says his part to all that crap.

Hoyt: You just shut up. You're not even a real therapist. Everybody knows you got a bottle of Malibu Rum in your desk, so shut up.

Mommas face was priceless XD

Hoyt: Now, look. I love Jessica. I'm not leaving her. If you don't like it, you can't be a part of my life. <3

Well done Hoyt. Show them what this is really about

Maxine: She is a killer. They're all killers. We saw that on the TV."

Well if you believe all the shit that's been said on tv then your life must really suck. Oh and something else. If you'd know half the shit about Jessica...if you'd just take some time to really getting to know her....if you would even give a damn about that all it would be all different. Think about it, Momma. You judge ppl from what you've heard. You don't even try to think that it may be different. Why you acting like a bitch?

Hoyt going to Summer. I mean we all know that Summer is not even comfortable here right now. Momma is taking the lead. She can't even say something.

I found it cute what Hoyt said to Summer. That's what I like about Hoyt. He's so sweet because he knows that the only person who has a problem with Jessica is his mom...and noone else. He most probably even feels sorry for Summer.

And then he just leaves. Well done Hoyt. You stood up to your ppl and proved that you can make your own decision.

Summer starts to cry and Maxine comforts her. Well momma, you know as much about Summer as you do about Jessica. What if she works with black magic? What if she works with Voodoo? (the dolls?) I don't know what Summer is but I damn right know that when you'd find out you would hate her as much as you hate Jessica. Get a life, momma...

the best part of that scene tho was when that fake therapist wants to hug both of them and momma just pushes him away. I couldn't stop laughing and it made me forget how much I hate her for a wee second XD She has a lot of strenght tho for the fact that she only pushed him away with one arm. *suspicious*


*has to calm down first before she can continue with the review*


Thank God for the sweet part of this Episode \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ And with this review I can even rewatch that scene again. It makes my heart melt again <3 <3 <3

Hoyt and Jessica drive to a house. Hoyt opening Jessica's door. He's such a gentleman <3
Jessica's eyes are closed with a bandage and Hoyt's cute line:

Ah. No peeking. And no using special vampire powers, either.

so cute <3 <3 <3

He helps her out of the car. He takes her hands and leads her to the house. The door opens and he turns on the light.

Hoyt: Would you please come in?" (Words can not describe how cute I found him saying that)

I love how Jessica always laughed at every move.

Jessica: It smells funny <3

He takes away the blindfold from Jessica's eyes. He was a bit scared at how she'll react to all that. So cute and so human.

Jess get's soooo excited. I loved that especially. She's so cute <3 She runs around in the whole house and gets more and more excited.

And then most probably the best Jessica/Hoyt moment ever!

Jessica: Can you paint it?
Hoyt: Oh, of course. Gonna do all kinds of stuff. But, uh, building a totally tricked-out hidey-hole for you is first on the list, tho.
Jessica: You wanna live together?
Hoyt: I wanna marry you.
Jessica: But...uh, we can't.
Hoyt: Says who? People become ministers on the internet. So, what's to keep me from becoming a minister and marrying us myself?

I swear to God I melted at this last line. It made my heart jump and it made me love him even more. Words can't describe how cute that line was <3 <3 <3

See, Jessica is more then flattered at all this. She touches his face, tiptoes and says:

I love you so much

He looks at her. His eyes full of love and everything. I could stare at those eyes forever.

They hug <3

Jessica: I don't know what I'd do without you.
Hoyt: Well, its lucky for you you'll never have to find out.

They kiss <3 <3 <3

And then there is this creepy doll. I don't know what's up with that because I heard several theories but my theory would be that Summer has something to do with Voodoo. I mean what's the point in introducing Summer with all the dolls she brings with her? The dolls gotta have to mean something, don't you think?

I am SO glad that the Jessica/Hoyt story ended with this scene in the season finale. I don't know what I'd have done during those 9 months if something would have happened. Right now I can live in my very own Jessica/Hoyt bubble for the next 9 months. Even tho I always think about what would happen but right now I'd love to think that Jessica & Hoyt are gonna get married and live happily ever after. The only thing I'd accept is that Hoyt becomes a Vampire. Either they stay as they are right now or that but no way I want any of those to die or anything related to that.

Momma Fortenberry can stick that gun she bought in her own ass...

Thank you Jessica and Hoyt for making my life more fun right now because every time I see you guys I have a smile on my face. When I'm in a bad mood and see some scenes it makes my mood change and I'm happy for a while <3


PS: Sorry for my language. I guess I've seen too much Lafayette XD

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The Little Zombie Who Could1_rhiannon_1 on September 19th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Slightly OT but I loved Jim Parrack's appearance on Supernatural too - one of my favorite episodes, in fact :D
Dani: True Blood - Jessica & Hoytlil_miss_coolio on September 19th, 2010 07:33 am (UTC)
I didn't remember him at all. I was kinda excited to rewatch that episode and I love him more now. He played aewsome as a bad guy. Totally love that episode too now. In fact...I think his role climed up to my top evil things from the show XD The Trickster is still number 1 for me XD

Speaking of Jim Parrack in Supernatural...I made animations to that episode =)
The Little Zombie Who Could: Gabe BAMF1_rhiannon_1 on September 19th, 2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
I recognized him when I first saw the episode and did a fangirl flail ;o) He was really excellent as a bad guy and I loved that the boys were fighting over him! :D

OMG, another Trickster fan!!! The Trickster is my fave in SPN <3 You are caught up through season 5 right? I started to call him by his other name but didn't want to spoil you just in case.

Oooh, nice! *runs off to take a look*
Dani: Transformers - Sam - What?!lil_miss_coolio on September 19th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
Well I only started watching True Blood like 2 months ago and Supernatural I watch since the beginning so I quite don't remember every guest appearance of ppl I didn't know back then XD But now I'm more then happy that he was in it =D

The Trickster is awesome. I loved Changing Channels where they were caught in all the tv shows. So much love for this episode XD

Hahaha don't worry. I'm totally up to date with Supernatural so I know who he really is and can't wait to see the show coming back next week =D

The Little Zombie Who Could: gabriel romantic1_rhiannon_1 on September 19th, 2010 11:44 pm (UTC)
Ohh, I see :o) I'm just about the opposite - I watched True Blood starting right before season 2 aired and I was 4 seasons late starting Supernatural. We flew through the discs on Netflix so we could watch season 5 as it aired.

Changing Channels was a great Trickster episode! I loved him in Mystery Spot too. Actually, I just loved him in everything - Hammer of the Gods damn near killed me to watch :( I cursed Kripke to hell and back for making me watch him die TWICE! :(

I did hear a little spoiler rumor involving Gabe that gave me a happy though :D
Daughter of A Jedi: Charles (Power Play)ladyofavalon77 on September 23rd, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
From the pictures...
and animated GIF's they look like a VERY sexy couple :)
Dani: New Moon - Jacob & Bellalil_miss_coolio on September 23rd, 2010 06:21 am (UTC)
Re: From the pictures...
they indeed are =)