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18 January 2012 @ 06:45 pm
Glee 3x10 Review  
Glee is back! asdlökjfdsfdskljfdsf!!
Hope it's gonna be a good episode!

Anyways. Live blogging as usual =)

Alright...let's do this.

- OMG!! Sam Evans you are too hot for this world. Please someone kill me right now. I can't take this.

- YES for Grease! Leather jackets and sexy dudes. Well, thank you! <3
- Sugar Motta can sing??? Hahahaha xD

- I'm loving this performance.

- Becky with a british accent in her head. I love this. Yay for british accents!
- I am not so sure about the Artie deal tho.
- COACH BEISTE!!!! \o/
- She got married?? Did I see this right?
- Lol, way to ignore Sue xD
- Aww Emma is adorable.
- I love her singing. It's adorable <3
- Sue and Beiste background singing haha xD
- Will talking to Emmas parents...oh dear.
- Well I'll be damned. Sam in a swimming team walking around topless. Seriously Sam? Are you really trying to kill me today?

- Bahahahahaha the coach is awesome tho. I love when black people talk. It's just awesome!
- awwwww booooooo, hockey team. Get a life already! Poor Sammy got slushied =( *hugs him*
Hockey team...you suck!

- Shane seems to be one hell of a jealous boyfriend if you ask me. Not that I blame him...I mean Sam is like...

- MOVES LIKE MIKE CHANG!! That's what I want!! Holy sweet cheesus!!
- Artie's voice is AH-MAZING as usual.
- Is it very silly if I want another Artie/dreaming/dancing scene like Safety Dance? I wish that the duet he's gonna do in the MJ epi with Mike would be something like that but I think it will only be Mike dancing again like during PYT. Is it such a bad thing to want Artie do dance again? He's a flawless dancer and I wish we'd see him more in his dreamland. Is it too much to ask? Yes?

- "Part 2 is dinner at breadstix" - Becky, be more adorable.
- "I want you to be my best man." - "Are you screwing with me right now?" Awww Finn, I dare you to be more adorable. I really do. You are so precious <3 <3 <3
- Finn wants to join the army? what? I don't want my baby to get killed O.O
- Wow that was one powerful song if you ask me. Rachel and Finn, Tina and Mike, Santana and Brittany and Mercedes and Sam. I love this so much. It's beautiful. <3
- oh god, Emma's parents.

- Oh, Will brought Burt and Carole. I see what you did there, Will.
- Awwwwww Finn, my bb =( < / 3

- Kudos to Jayma for her acting during this scene.
- Hell yes!! Kurt and Finn hanging out together. \o/
- I love that song that Rachel sings.
- It seems to tell a story for all the couples.
- OMG that one short Klaine moment was way too adorable for words. Get married already!

- Finchel <3 <3 <3
- awwww what a cute proposal that was <3
- Blaine tho <3 <3 <3
- Sue is so adorable to Becky.
- OMG Finn, you make me cry. You are too damn adorable for words. OMG. I'm literally crying right now. It's sooooo cute.

Going to watch the Promo now! MJ EPISODE!!! \o/

- aklsdfhsdkfhewliuaghdsfhnjasdfhlahsdfasdfhalsdfhkadsjfhsdafd!!!!
- Smooth Criminal sounds so damn awesome. HOLY SHIT! Santana/Sebastian duet!! I.Can't.Wait!!
- The Blaine solo! CAN'T WAIT!
- And the WARBLERS!!!! MY BABIES ARE BACK!!! #OhYeah
- aksjfhldsfhklghkjlajlfjdgfhdsfkjaklsödfjkasjdfkajsdklfjdsakfjsdf!!!

and Klaine are gonna be like

and Sebastian will be like

and the McKinley students walk Dalton in slow-mo most probably

and the rest of the warblers are gonna be like

and I'm gonna be like

and then something happens to Blaine because of Sebastian as spoilers say and I'm gonna be

but I still won't hate Sebastian

and then the episode ends and I'm gonna be like

and when I recover I'm gonna listen to all the songs because new Warblers music and because MJ is legend!

and then I realize that I don't know when the warblers will be back next.


and that will be another

EDIT: Just saw new promo pics. Blaine gets slushied by Sebastian? THANK YOU GRILLED CHEESUS! Sorry Blaine, you know I'll always love you.
Also, have you seen Thad's grin in that pic? Hahaha xD
Still... Badboy!Blaine...my body is ready!

oh and I officially ship Sebtana. No regrets. ;)
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Lizzie W BloomLizzie W Bloom on January 18th, 2012 08:40 pm (UTC)
I loved last nights ep! When will Proposed I was having overivys explode. God, That was so perfect. I did feel bad for emma though, I mean she cannot help her OCD, but again Will had a point. Kids are messy, and what if she cannot handle that? I think the show was realstic in showing that scene, because it is something people with mental disorders face on a daily basis, and thier loved ones have doubts as well. I hated Emma's parents though, I mean what d-bags. I love that finn will the best man, and do not find it weird or creepy as so many people seem to think. I mean hes almost 18, and Will is like 30, not that weird. Also if it a was a 16 year old and 30 something and they were both women noone whould say anyhing if they were cousins or whatevers. Finn is like a little brother to will, and I was close to my teachers. The US needs to get over the one man, one women 2. 5 children is a family thing. End rant. I love klaine too, and hope we get more asap. Sam is cute yea, and I want him and Mercedes together but I don't fangirl over hiim as much as some other men on the show. I think WIll, Blaine, Puck are much hotter but thats just me, but I like Sam. I am so excited for the MJ ep, I hope its amazing!
Natascha: glee_blaine dancingspirited_lizard on January 19th, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
HOLY SHIT! Santana/Sebastian duet!! I.Can't.Wait!!

OMG WHAT?!?!?! I so can't wait either!!!
Dani: Glee - Blaine - drunk dancinglil_miss_coolio on January 19th, 2012 08:15 pm (UTC)
have you not heard of the duet? Have you not seen the promo pics? Or the promo?
Natascha: glee_finn's dancing sKillsspirited_lizard on January 19th, 2012 08:22 pm (UTC)
No, nothing! I haven't even checked tumblr in so long! That's usually where I see stuff like that.
Dani: Darren Criss - Guitar & Sunglasseslil_miss_coolio on January 19th, 2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
if you wanna see it then here you go. if not...just ignore this post =)

Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivZTyQ391Hk

Promo Pics: http://imgbox.com/g/ISxIHGJDAt
Natascha: glee_mercedes winkspirited_lizard on January 19th, 2012 09:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, looks great! But what, again only in two weeks!? This season just drags! They show one or two episodes, but have a break twice as much!
Dani: Glee - The Warblers - Rockstarslil_miss_coolio on January 19th, 2012 09:42 pm (UTC)
yeah...I heard something is next tuesday in america...dunno what. Yeah, we have to wait til Jan 31st but this episode is gonna be BOMB! I can't wait. Seriously...I'm dying here. I hope we can still download this in 2 weeks O.O